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Chairperson’s Message

Mr. Prem Ranjan Kumar


“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds”

Embrace the sky...

It is a matter of great privilege and honor for me to be the chairman of Dr. D.Y.Patil . The organisation was founded and nurtured by the former Governor of Bihar, West Bengal and Tripura, Dr. D.Y.Patil, a renowned educationist and Philanthropist.

The school today has tremendous responsibilities to nurture a deep sense of difference between right and wrong in the minds of our future citizens. Development of intellectual qualities such as reflection, introspection and tolerance has become imperative to overcome nega- tivities in life. I have always held that education is not just a matter of imparting education but much more than this. It must arise a curiosity in a child to know more and share what he knows. Schools these days are platforms for collaboration of thoughts and ideas.

Teacher’s job is not limited to completing the syllabus, but to help students to develop their attitude and aptitude. Our endeavor should be to make students work hard at their school studies with the support of their teachers. My teachers are willing to give their best to fulfill the learning needs of the students.They are committed to enhance the well being as well as the educational growth of students. We are trying to instill in the students the desire to become lifelong learners. We lay importance on co-curricular activities also in our school to foster the process of education.A sense of intellectual adventure is one of the important elements in making education, a delightful experience. Initiatives and individual efforts give the people the opportunity to discover and thus provide the sense of mental adventure which is more effective tool of learning than the situation where everything is taught?

Principal’s Message

Mrs. Anita Singh


“The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Greetings! And welcome to Dr. D Y Patil Pushapalata Patil group of schools.

I am privileged to be a part of an educational institution where every stake holder is a learner.

As an educationist, I strongly believe that all students are blessed with some or the other inborn capabilities and it is our, responsibility to chisel and shape their talent to prepare for tomorrow. Apart from providing academic excellence as major thrust, we ensure to approach and motivate each child, reinforcing high disciplinary standards and human values. The curriculum is meticulously designed around 6 C’s; Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Character & Citizenship.

Dr. D Y Patil Pushapalata Patil has been striving ever since its inception and further is ready to work hard in providing a balanced pedagogical curriculum that caters to biological, emotional, social and intellectual aspects of learning pivoted around the child.

The plethora of activities framed under the guidance of expert mentors will groom pupil’s personality to achieve global recognition.

I wish in being the wind beneath the wings of our student’s dreams and aspirations. “Education is a shared commitment among dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.”

We are thankful to the parents for having faith on us to have chosen our school for their child’s development. If you are roots, we will definitely be wings and help you soar high to reach the zenith of success. The success of our initiatives rests as much in your support as in the earnest endeavours of our students and teachers.

I salute the facilitators for their commendable support to school in the pandemic. I am thankful to the admin staff for their untiring support as warriors on the front line.

I look forward to working in close association with parents, teachers, staff and management to help the students & school to scale new heights and forge new paths.

Thanking you

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